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Wednesday, August 24

So here's a super quickie update of the past week

Guess what?! THE CHAIRS ARE FINISHED! And they are just so gorgeous! I just love them, now if only I didn't have a literal mountain of moving stuff in the dining room, maybe Steve and I could actually use them (notice this photo is taken at the front door, pretty much the only space available in the front of the house right now).

See what I mean? I spent last night packing all my sweaters and long-undies and layers (and reorganizing this massive pile, it was driving me nuts taking over the living space as it is). You wouldn't think I hate the cold as much as I say I do considering the surprising amount of layering pieces I have!

Do you think it'll all fit in the truck? I'll definitely keep you posted on that one!

Last Tuesday, these highly-anticipated-sexy-beasts arrived in the mail!

Yeah, that's right I chose fashion AND function!
It's okay ladies, you can be jealous (oh, and I also paid only 50% retail price for them)!
I know, wicked cute.
And yesterday, this came for me!

Sickest. Jacket. Ever.
Grass green, 600 fill 100% goose down North Face snowboarding jacket. Usable pockets abound, adjustable snow skirt with belt loop straps to ensure it doesn't move, and helmet compatible (and attachable) goose hood. 
So. Warm. 
And I only paid 50% retail, again. I know, I'm just so good.
Vermont winter, here I come! 
(I am so in love with my cute but wholly functional snow gear, I was tempted in Denver's 90-million-degree day to gear up, head to toe, farmer-john snow pants and all just to get a picture. Steve advised--wisely--against doing so. Besides, I'll have plenty of pictures when I'm actually trekking through the Vermont back-country on expedition!)


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