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Thursday, August 4

July et al

I'm working to get the blog fully caught up in the very near future and learning that even though I'm long winded with most of my life (and speech) I don't necessarily have to be so on the blog. This is important because being long-winded = putting off the journaling and documenting of each day or each worthy event = building up of topics to be covered that are no less worthy of note when I finally do sit down and write about them = overwhelming load on my already stressed out life and I just don't have the motivation to continue in this perpetual "catch up" style that I hate.

So here's some other amazing things that have happened recently that I've been wanting to share (and without excuse, most will be sharing through photos because pictures really are worth thousands of words).

July 10, 2011
FREE tickets in the 15th row to see Sarah McLachlan with the Colorado Symphony Orchestra!

The latest on the knitting front: well, the beach wrap (or Bee Trap depending where you're from apparently!) didn't get completed in time for me to fully wrap it up for my mom's birthday but she loved it all the same. Admittedly, it's still not quite finished but it's getting there and I'm loving it! Having mom root me on with her wild excitement over the piece helped immensely as I told her the woes I experienced with it and how I always wind up hating my works because of things like that!

 After I complete the lacy edging, I just have to block it out and send it off to Florida!
Speaking of Mom's birthday, the party went wonderfully and everyone had a great time. Unfortunately, as is seemingly always the case, I didn't get any pictures (everyone else was working their camera's so hopefully I'll get some soon).

I wound up spending almost 2 full weeks down in Florida with my mom, it was loverly!

The Sunday night that Steve was there with us, it was just the three of us and Mom took us down to the beach for the weekly Sunday drum circle jam sunset worship! It was so much fun!
This guy was my super favorite (aside from the awesome
children of course)! He was so hoppy and wiggly, I didn't
get any good film of him to share though....


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