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Sunday, August 7

Projects patiently awaiting completion... Goal=8/13/11

About 4 years ago, Steve and I "purchased" these chairs from a neighborhood yard sale (I say "purchased" because it was really more of a neighborhood junk-swap, nobody actually sold anything and we all wound up less our own junk but with someone else's disposed of treasures).

My wonderful mom decided she was going to strip them of their tortured red paint slop and refinish them.

With flash to enhance their beautiful detail
we're talking wire toothbrush and tons of
steel wool necessary to get the thick sloppy
layers of knarly paint off of them.
I cannot stress enough how much work and
how appreciated it is on my Mom's part, she
is a treasure!

Unfortunately I don't have any before photos but here they are in their current gorgeous glory:

Steve and I will hopefully have the seats competed by the end of today (what you see now is merely the base layer of fabric that I did on Friday and wound up full on bruising my hand with the staple gun--hey, at least it has enough guts to punch through the ancient hardened wood)

And these sweet little guys have been sitting in the ceramics studio since late May. I know--that's crazy.
I have recently (with the suggestion of Steve--seriously, what would I do without that wonderful man in my life!?) decided to change the original handle plans to simplify (read: get it over with already!) so that I can have them completed by the end of the summer/by the time I leave Colorado.


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