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Sunday, August 7

This one's for Leah

Organic green and white salad for lunch = pure Yum!
(hint: eating arugula the day before it goes completely bad makes for some spicy but delicious flavor)

Steve and I just got back from our little Denver farmer's market (something we aim to do together every Sunday morning) and got a bag full of amazing loot!

 For dinner tonight, it's 4-cheese tortellini with tomato basil pasta sauce (all store bought unfortunately. I haven't yet tried to make my own tomato sauces but I have a feeling, they're not too difficult and I would rock them; and with the gorgeousness of the market's offerings, I would be able to make some delectable renditions with a basic knowledge) with a plethora of market veggies: yellow and green zucchini, an eight-ball squash (I love the name of those little yummy guys), red, orange, and green bells, an Anaheim, and another yellow-green pepper of some sort (it just looked and smelled so delicious, I had to have it), snap peas, and because my lover needs (craves) his protein always, I threw in some sun-dried tomato and basil Tofurky dogs chopped up.

We also got a little tub of yogurt dip in the roasted red pepper spice flavor that I'll be sure to mix into the batch.
Top it with a little parlano cheese and I think we're set for guaranteed food babies!


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