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Monday, September 12

Love, love, lovin' it!

I love it here.

I love that I get to walk barefoot through soft, supple, green grass from class to class; that I can walk by any one of the numerous apple trees throughout campus, pluck a sweet, juicy, crunchy fruit for a snack at any time.

I love that while laying out on the green, I am quietly--inadvertently--serenaded by the broken wind-blown tinkerings of the tinny, hollow box sounds of the guitar being plucked on by the boy in the room at the end of the hall.

I love that I get to lie in the grass under the warm late-summer sun while doing my homework (which doesn't feel like homework at all, more like reading the love letters between man and earth).

I love the sounds of nature blowing through the breezes--the chirping of the insects in the grasses and fields surrounding me; the tweeting broken harmonious songs of the birds as they flutter by, playing and swooping and riding the winds; the sound of the distant neighbor's lawn mower breaking through intermittently; the pigs in the stall snorting and grunting when the breeze blows just right.

I love that this is school but feels nothing like it--nothing like the suffocating fluorescent lighting in lecture halls; nothing like the pressing weight of the papers, terms, and tests piling up; nothing like the loss of self wandering through vacant packed hallways.

I love that this is my school.


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  1. Hi! I had to go on your blog today, just to make sure you are okay. I had a HORRIBLE dream about you, Steve and Carrie, last night. Can we schedule a time for me to hear your voice? I need to hear your voice. I LOVE YOU! Mom