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Tuesday, September 13

A very brief photo tour of the travels et al

Left right on time September 1st

Bettey - Fully-Loaded
Yes, this is actually how we drove across the country
We hit Chicago at sunset Sunday evening after spending
the weekend in Wisconsin with family and friends.
We're both big fans of the symmetry of the Chi-Skyline


Indiana (obviously) just after dark, Sunday night

Cleveland, Ohio at God-only-knows when (Steve and I had
planned to drive through the Niagara Falls, NY from WI; a 12
hour drive that we just couldn't do. Wound up napping some-
where half way through the state of OH)

Follow the "Falling Water" signs

Honestly, not as mind-blowing as we both expected--keep in
mind though that we'd been driving for....EVER.

Not bad for 8am, or something like that! It was fun, worth
the stop

I love bridges, even though some make me nervous. These
did not and I think they're just beautiful; passing from Grand Island
back over the NY state proper
Just outside of Burlington, VT

Headed to Craftsbury, somewhere between Stowe and our
final destination! Oh, this is Tuesday (finally).

The sunset over the river outside of Claire's
(yes, of course I took Steve there for our last
dinner together for a moment)!

This is what happens when you're so wicked tired, after travelling
across the country, getting up at 6:30 for class and decide, after
wearing your slop boots all morning, it's nice enough for flippies
but conveniently forgetting you have Botony I (and your teacher
decides to introduce you to the Cedar Swamp right away, after
3 days of rain). Awesome. Getting into the nature of it all
 head (or feet) first!

It took every spare moment of free time I could find in my
first 3 days here but I finally got my room (and my life) in
order! Yay! I actually, super love it!

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