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Tuesday, October 4

I chopped a tree down today!

 A couple shots taken by one of my small group members during our night hike a few weeks ago.

Moose tracks! But no actual moose sightings (fortunately and unfortunately--it's a strange desire to want to run into an animal like that, like I want to see an alligator in real life in Florida so I'm constantly looking but that doesn't make it a wise action by any means...)
The fogs and breath as we hiked through the woods.

It was a brisk night as we started off--of course it just got colder but we were trekking so we continually stripped our top layers off. Only when we stopped for our celebratory "we're half way/great job from Sterling" chocolate chip cookies did anybody put their layers back on.

Oh, and last week Wednesday was my first day/training day at my work program job at the coffee shop.

I decided I want to try to figure out those coolio coffee leaves and hearts that those "fancy" baristas do at those "fancy" boutique coffee shops:

Okay, so maybe it's a Cedar tree instead of a leaf.

Still cool though!

And I just wanted to share these beautiful colors outside my bedroom window.

Sunset on my way to Plattsburgh to pick up Mom

Last weekend was "Parent's Weekend" up here and my mom came to visit me! After a day's worth of struggling to get on any airplane that would get her up here, we had nothing but crazy constant rain. It was quite a drag considering the awesome weekend I had planned filled with fun and beautiful outdoorsy events for us but...

I think the best part is that Mom came for parent's weekend and we did none of the scheduled events Sterling put together. Except felted soap making which was, interesting to say the least. But fun! Look at mine!

These are some fantastic and easy gift ideas!

In Fiber Arts class, I've successfully cleaned and carded my very first batch of super knarly dirty wool.

I decided last minute that I wanted to blend the two batches that I started with and I'm wicked in love with the outcome.
I keep forgetting to get some photos taken but yesterday I learned how to spin with a drop spindle. Photos to come tomorrow maybe.

And the best part; I chopped a tree down all by myself! And it wasn't some wussy little girl "this is my first time" tree. Hell no, I took this one down! With nothing but my very own axe!!!

 No, the official call isn't "TIMBERRRRRR" (yes, I was disappointed about this).

But pushing my tree over, watching it land as gracefully as it did was...

Thank you tree for giving your life.


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  1. Nice photos and commentary. The next time you're in Minneapolis in the fall, please visit JoAnn and me. I've been cutting brush and dead trees on my land all week. I could use an experienced tree cutter, now that you know how to drop a tree. ;<) You're welcome to visit anything.