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Thursday, October 13

Beautiful community

I am so blessed to be a part of this amazing school, this beautiful community, and surrounded by so many impactful and aware people!

As you'll read in the blurb below, a group of Sterling students are heading down to NYC to lend their support and voices to the causes being fought currently on Wall Street (I wanted to go but actually have a class all day Saturday that I can't miss... timing. I'm sure there will be another opportunity for me though, I've already heard other students who also aren't able to make the journey this weekend talking about putting together another group). These students, in just 4 short days, have acquired food, warmth, and hope to hand out on the streets of New York--there are currently 3 rubbermaid storage buckets overflowing with warm clothes and blankets that they'll bring; they'll be picking up the food donations originally set out by a local farmer for the VT food bank but they have graciously agreed to send it with the students, again for the protesters; and finally, they've also been donated over 100 seed packets from another local farmer and with them, they'll be handing out the following Manifesto put together by us, the students of Sterling along with faculty and staff (several of the lines are actually mine too)!

This is our perspective of our life and community here. This is what we hope to inspire into others and future generations.

This is Sterling.

A Sterling College Manifesto

Tomorrow, a group of Sterling College students plans to travel to New York City to join the Occupy Wall Street protest. Eliza Mutino, ‘12, (pictured above right) produced the following ‘Manifesto’ of Sterling culture to distribute among the protesters. The Manifesto consists of statements offered up by the Sterling community of students, faculty, and staff.
Sterling College brings you a mini-manifesto of our culture,
with hopes it will inspire the one you are building.    
o    We strive for health, nourishment, and justice.
o    We make eye-contact, and greet people
      using their names
o    We know there is value in that which others may
      deem valueless.
o    We learn that truly knowing one another allows
      us to trust one another.
o    We know the people near us.
o    We teach by example.
o    We learn by reading, discussing, doing and reflecting,
      so we can apply our reasoned thinking to our lives.
o    We share. Share work, share food, share respect.
o    We are intentional in our planting and harvesting, for learning purposes and for sharing with others.
o    We appreciate the simple things.
o    We fight apathy!
o    We recognize we are all part of nature!
o    We practice what we preach and we teach what we are taught.
o    We give nature a voice.
o    We try to be honest and kind and to take care
      of the land, water and air around us.
o    We are resilient through the energizing synergy
      of youth, wisdom, and “plain hard work”.
o    We are willing to be wrong, to correct ourselves,
      to take risks, to speak out and to learn from others.
o    We accept that perfection is inherently imperfect.
o    We look out for each other. 
o    We choose to spend our money locally, supporting our neighbors instead of      far-away corporations. 
o    We return to our grassroots to once again
      appreciate and respect the earth
o    We live and practice responsible consumerism.
o    We seek to understand the world as a whole, to accept its gifts and give our    own back to it
o    We practice voluntary simplicity
o    We are conscious of how our choices/actions
affect the world. 
o    We cultivate personal responsibility and accountability
o    We pay attention to how we grow our food, how we prepare it and how we   distribute it
o    We are learning to break away from what has
      become the typical American lifestyle
o    We learn how to live, work, play, learn
      and evolve together.
o    We know that there is safety without policemen.
o    We work together as part of one big community.
o    We work hard on building this community.
o    We are change, opportunity, love, wisdom
      and strength, embodied.
o    We are preparing to educate and inspire the world!
     We stand in solidarity with you all.
Brought to you by: the Sterling College Community,
Craftsbury Common, Vermont.


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