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Wednesday, October 19

Not that this is any different than normal timing

Hey everyone,

I wanted to take a moment to thank everyone for being a part of my life here at Sterling through the readings posted here. It means a lot and feels really great to hear from you in response to postings, especially the support and kind, motivational words.

That said, I also wanted to just shoot a line letting you know that the proverbial $#!% has hit the fan so I'm taking a minimum of a 2 week hiatus (I'm so fried right now, I didn't remember how to spell "FAN," no jokes).

School demands have finally caught up to me. Mostly it boils down to a HUGE time demand which leaves, well, no time for anything else (figure out how to get homework done when there's literally no time left in your life for 2 solid weeks, please, I welcome advice)!

So much love to you all, hope things are riding gorgeously in all of your pretty pieces of the planet and I'll catch you on the other side--of school work that is.


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