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Monday, June 6

Sterling visit Day 1 (Sunday June 5)

I don't even know where to begin. Well, I guess I could just try the beginning.

The flights were shaping up to potentially make this trip almost impossible; I was told that the first leg of my trip, the flight from Denver to Philadelphia, was oversold. Every time I've heard this in my stand-by history I was doomed to camp out at the airport for an undetermined amount of time. Lo and behold, Steve was right; due to the ridiculous traffic that had piled up on I-70 on the way out to the airport, 4 paying customers didn't make their trip as planned. Thank you God, especially for my super sweet first class seat!

Buh-bye Denver--at least for a moment
The flight from Philly to Burlington was so wide open, I could have done cartwheels from row to row. It was that Philadelphia flight that I was most concerned and stressed about but He provided. Yet another affirmation that I just belong here (at Sterling that is).

Arriving in Burlington was needless to say, thrilling!

 I've never been to Vermont before and it's thus far, proven to be everything I had imagined. Gorgeous greenery, amazing trees, and farms, farms, farms but not Minnesota style--quaint little heritage farms with red barns and all!

My first sight of Vermont!

These cows literally asked "can I help you?" They were super silly and (can't believe I'm saying it) cute! I wanted to climb in there and pet them but thought otherwise in my skirt and flimsy can't-run-should-I-need-to shoes. Someday...

I took my time driving from Burlington to Craftsbury, wanted to take in the sights and really get to know my new surroundings; and I'm so glad that I did.

I stopped in Morrisville to grab a bite to eat at a little place called The Bee's Knees (found it on my google map before even leaving Denver and with a name like that, you know I'm going to check it out)!

There was a live guitarist playing while I was there; I felt like I was sitting in his living room as he plucked around on his instrument--while eating the most mouthwatering vegetarian meal I've had yet!

Thomas Pearo 
Continued my drive, I stopped in Stowe, Vermont but was still so stuffed from lunch and unsafely cracked out on all the coffee/lack of sleep for over 24 hours at this point, I just shot a few little Vermont-y town pics.

I'll be posting these photos in the entire collection on my facebook page as I'm just not going to upload 120 photos--and this has only been day one!

Seitan Cheesesteak sammie with handcut potato fries

Finally arriving in Craftsbury (still holding on to my anticipation for seeing Sterling in The Common) I stopped at the Craftsbury General Store to grab a little dinner to go, a sixer of some local brew and a naughty bit of Vermont chocolate (I knew about the maple, I knew about the cheese, I knew about the apples even, but I never knew about the chocolate--thank you God)!

And then, there's Craftsbury Common! 

I'm staying with the dearest little lady, her name is Phyllis and reminds me so much of my beloved Gramma it made me even more thankful that I have this opportunity and that I get to stay in her home for this little trip.

And of course, with baited breath, I take myself on a little pre-tour of Sterling; just from the main street.

I finally hit my exhaustion wall after the delicious spring rain yesterday afternoon, but the chiming melodies of the bell tower drew me out for one more walk around the perimeter of Phyllis' quaint little home (yes, the church bells chime 3 different little church songs every day at 6pm; at first I thought it was the call to supper as I noticed several students migrating in the same general direction but as I confirmed today, it's just another wonderful little quirk about this tiny town).

The misty hills after the rain

Perfect little Craftsbury postcard

This is my favorite little spot so far
Beautiful neighbor garden in the evening sunlight

I got to take the official tour today; I actually wound up spending the entire day on campus which I'm so grateful for. But not wanting to be "that guy" and take twice as long for my already private 2 hour tour (which is normally only an hour), I didn't carry my camera with me. Besides, I had to let it charge, I exhausted the battery completely yesterday.

Today was magical though--what started as, I will admit, a day of questioning "can I really do this? am I really built for this?" turned out to be nothing but crystal clear messages from God that "YES YOU CAN AND YOU WILL BE A BEAUTIFUL SUCCESS!"

I fell in love with the piglets today!

Link to my facebook photo album: Sterling Trip, Day 1


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