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Friday, June 3

Loverly day

So it's total crunch time for my trip and I haven't packed a thing. However, all the laundry is done so hopefully I won't really have any reason to forget anything or pack in a mad frenzy--yeah, right.

I have it on my list of things to do tonight to research places to see and things to do in Craftsbury and the surrounding areas while I'm out there. Kate, my contact (and seriously, new and only best friend at Sterling) has literally built me a class schedule for my time on campus:
Again, if you didn't catch it the first several times-I'm wicked excited!
I'm actually loving the even distribution of time on campus and time for myself for exploration, adventures, coffee, and time to keep up with my online Literature class I'm taking during the summer (which by the way, is going really well; granted it started 2 days ago but whatever! I feel that I have a grip on it this go round-yes, I signed up for this very class last summer but freaked out and at the time, I totally blamed it on overwhelming summer and overload of school.... I worked 3 days a week at a very herbally aware rafting outfitter (yeah, soooo stressfull Amanda) and took ONE other online class... Okay, all that said, I'm realizing now that it may have felt a little overwhelming at the time simply because I had never taken an online class but honestly, I think it boils down to the fact that the teacher is TOTALLY disorganized)! So, as of 10:40 tomorrow evening, I'm off on my little Vermont adventure! Photos galore will ensue. And I will try to write everyday just to keep up and so that I won't get overwhelmed with all the wonderful things to share that I wind up writing nothing at all.

Today Little Bunny and I went to the Jefferson County Library's used book sale. It was totally insane and Little One wound up quite literally using me as her jungle gym of entertainment because the onslaught of books and the crazies trying to get them before the next mom did spun her into madness! Luckily we found some children playing outside with which Bunny could play and burn some of that crazy energy before her nap. But that's not the point; the point is that I found several travel books and two most specifically on Italy.

I'm not even going to delve into that right now; let's just say that I CANNOT wait to eat REAL Italian food till I burst and drink massive amounts of gorgeous Italian wines with my Mom! This is going to be hands down, one of the most amazing trips I will take in my lifetime. And I only pray that we will be able to continue travelling, ideally making it an annual thing!

One last thing I wanted to share (to continue my procrastination on the packing and homework fronts) is one of the knitting books I picked up--come on, you think I went to a used book sale and didn't immediately make a B-line for the knitty table?! You're fooling yourself!
I'll let the pictures do the rest of the explaining....

To share but only a few of the many Pub-inspired, travel-friendly knit bits from the book!


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