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Wednesday, June 22

Clearly I'm not very good at keeping up....

I know I still have SO MUCH to write about regrading my trip to Sterling a couple weeks ago (yeah, like finish the entire week!) but I feel as though time doesn't exist lately; and not in the good sense. I just don't have enough of it, yes, I know, the story of EVERYONE'S lives.

So I just wanted to share a quick update (and I do promise, I will finish journaling here about my week in Vermont, pictures and links to full albums included):

Life with Little Bunny is just loverly; I cannot get over how much I love her more and more everyday and how nervous I am for the end of the summer. She is really helping me to remember to stay here, in these moments and not waste them in anxiousness to get back to the Northeast Kingdom. It's important and I know that but sometimes knowledge just isnt' enough, sometimes to have that literal, physical daily reminder that the here and nows are just as important and worth being anxiously excited about as the "somedays."
I have been told twice, in somewhat roundabout ways, that they feel the difference when I am not around. The days that I have been given off, the little wee is different (which is to absolutely be expected) but it's warming to hear that she misses me and that there is a difference!

The knitting is coming along; I have set aside one project (which needs to not be the case; that settles it, I'll pick it up again tonight) and have been working on my sweater. The progression is exciting and I'm loving it MUCH more than I did the first attempt. I've bound off the stitches for the arms and am beyond the yolk working on the body of the piece now.

Striping with organized-chaotic means, looking good!

School is trucking along however, I cannot stand my instructor. Talk about the least organized but overly-detail oriented person I've never actually met! Sheesh! I can hardly keep up with the madness!

Other than that, things are flying around in my head and wasting a lot of energy in stressing over them. Money (of course), this physical I'm supposed to get before going to Sterling (where's the money going to come from to pay for that?), getting my multitudes of stupid assignments in on time, travelling back to Minnesota this weekend for my Mamaw's memorial service (and ALL that this one should-be-simple weekend trip demands of me), the process of just getting to Sterling in the first, middle, and last place (paperwork, proof of registration, school supplies--GEAR, scholarships and grants? What are those and who has the time!?),oh, and did I mention money? Ugh!

But always, Love!

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