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Monday, May 2

Words cannot describe

I just wanted to share quickly the A.mazing day I've had!

First, although my little Peach was a little clumsy and we had a few bumps and scares today, I was so happy to see her beautiful smiling face and spend my day back to normal! She was literally sparkling sunshine from her little face this morning as she came running down the hall toward me! Oh how I crazy love that tiny amazing being!

Then, upon arriving home and getting myself put together for yoga at the Botanic Gardens (yep, that's what I said, yoga at the Botanic Gardens!) I see a fatty envelope on the table from Sterling. I'm thinking, 'oh, it's the medical form and equipment list I'm expecting' so I actually almost left for yoga without even opening the letter... but my curiosity got the better of me.

I have been awarded (completely aside from the government pell grant of $5,550 and any private grant/scholarships I haven't yet researched/applied for) $21,000 from Sterling College for the 2011/2012 school year!!! Yes, twenty-one thousand dollars of FREE money has been handed to me! Again, this is not including the federal grant, private award money or even the work-study and other programs the school also grants tuition credit for partaking in. Bottom line, I'm looking at maybe $10,000 worth of student loans for the next school year.

I'm speechless.

So then I floated on my pure elation off to yoga for the evening. I had the most amazing yoga experience tonight, like nothing I've ever experienced before (granted this is probably about the fourth time in my life I've ever done yoga). It was much less strenuous and really allowed me to get into the moment, the spirit of myself, and my spirituality. Tonight opened my eyes to what I have always felt everyone else in the world already knew about yoga-how utterly amazing and relieving it is-and to my happy surprise, I learned that it doesn't always have to wail on you when you least expect it. Tonights yoga session wholly grounded within me why I've held onto this desire to get into it, but also showed me-without killing me-just how necessary it is for someone like me. During our meditative cool down period, I started to cry due to my pure appreciation for what I've been blessed with. To receive the acceptance letter was a life-changing moment but it solidified the fear of this financial investment I'm about to take on. And then this happens.


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  1. CONGRATS!!!!! I have found that when you make movements in the direction you were meant to head, good things and happy times start to reveal themselves. Side note...I cry all the time after yoga. Even at like Lifetime Fitness, it's embarrassing hahahaha. LOVE!