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Wednesday, May 4

First knitty post, first sweater!

So tonight I finally started the sweater my Mom and Mama Jean "bought" for me for Christmas last year--my Mom purchased the buttery-soft bamboo needle collection, Mama Jean bought the gorgeous yarn (which was purchased from ForestGreener at her eBay store), and I found the pattern. It's not technically the first sweater I've ever made in my knitting career (I made a sick rasta baby v-neck sweater a few years ago that was gifted to a lucky little new-born somewhere in California) but it is the first adult sweater and I'll admit, all my firsts usually wind up for me; so it's my first sweater.

For Steve's birthday "celebration" tonight, he chose to sit back, relax with a Lost mini-marathon, splurge on left-over Chinese food and hang out with me quietly at home! I'm greatly enjoying our little date-night-it/birthday celebration, but of course, I can't just sit and watch; I have to have something to keep me and my antsy hands busy.

After a long, but wildly successful full semester, I have about a month before my grueling summer kicks in--including more class, work, work, work, and hopefully as much camping/rafting/outside crazy time I can possibly find to squeeze in between--so of course, I can't wait to knit as much as possible before, during, and after all of that.

So I finally picked up the needles again and here's the progress so far:


ForestGreener eBay Storefront

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