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Monday, May 30

It's been awhile.....

So I subscribe to the Sterling blog (you can check it out as well, listed under the blogs that I follow "Amazing places; Invaluable information" over on the right there) and this was posted recently.

Yet another thing to be wildly excited about at Sterling College!

I knew about the senior final project since day one when I first started my Sterling research. And in typical fashion, started thinking of these wildly grandiose ideas of what to do for a senior final (travel to Africa and start a sustainable co-op farm; or South America; or Alaska; or right here in my back-yard). But truthfully, everything felt a little too big (at least for now, who knows, maybe one of these really will become my final) but at this point in time, I think it's finally sinking in the reality of what I'm doing here. I'm literally uprooting my life and diving head first into something brand new--again, typical me. Go big or go home right? So it's nice to know that I can maybe pull back on the crazy reigns a bit when it comes to the final bang.

As of two weeks ago, I'm all finalized for my week-long college tour trip out to Sterling. Countdown: T-minus 6 days! Flight, sick rental car deal, and even better, staying with Phyllis at the Bricabode Bed and Breakfast for a discounted rate (even cooler, she said she would hold the room for rent until I give her a final decision on whether or not I'm going to rent from her for the fall semester).

It goes without saying, I'm stupid excited!

Knitting projects are coming along--I'll admit, I pulled the sweater apart a few weeks ago and started from scratch. I decided last minute (again, my typical knitting style) that I wanted to up the size by one and that meant that I needed more yarn in order to complete the project in it's new size; so I placed my order (chose to add a little black to the grey and orange mix) and started over as soon as it arrived. It's coming along quite nicely!

I took a quick break from all the small knitting (and mostly because we had some family coming to town) to knit up a quick rag rug for the bathroom. Nothing spectacular but it was fast and fun but I learned I need a longer set of my size 19's if I'm ever to do that again. Simple, to the point, gets the job done (I really need to figure out how to bind off in a way that it doesn't pinch the work at the end of my flat rectangular pieces...)

And last but not least, the little beach wrap I'm making for someone very special. It's fun and I think it's coming out beautifully! It requires me to pay very close attention to each and every line in the progression that I'm working. Have only had to take it apart once due to a major mess up that I wasn't able to fudge around but it's going quickly and I'm loving it!


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