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Wednesday, May 11

Knitty progress; funky ceramics

Well, the semester is officially over (I admit, I didn't complete my ceramics final. I do plan to be in and out of the studio as much as I possibly can this summer though; I DO want to finish the bird mugs I've started and maybe even sneak in a few more yarn bowls if I can)!

Speaking of yarn bowls, check these out!
I nabbed the idea from something I came across on Etsy a while back so I can't take originality-of-idea credit but I think mine are a little more fun. I've found my new favorite glaze: shino. Gorgeous, creamy, and beautifully unpredictable.
These turned out quite simple but if you'll notice the wavy edge of the 'yarn' bowl has a dreamy burnished accent; the best part about the shino glaze is that it can "borrow" color-accents from kiln neighbors (these clearly we're kind of on their own inside the kiln but I just love them)! I used a simple slip to force the engraved letters to pop; I just love the way it turned out, especially the "Knit" and "Purl" bowls.

I think my favorite piece of these is that the shino came out all crackled like these bowls are generations old.

I've been working like crazy in all my free time on the sweater (want to be sure and get it done before Sterling in the fall but even more, so that I can also complete the other 3 1/2 projects I want to finish this summer before school starts again)!
And of course, I HAD to use my new yarn bowl!

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  1. I hate my knitting style....

    I'm taking it apart.

    It's too late, I've already pulled the needles out.

    I've decided that I want to up the size and in order to do so, I need 2-3 additional skeins of yarn. Ordered. Also, I hate the way the striping is happening so I'm going to more actively plan the stripes at different thicknesses.

    This is the story of my knitting life. Get a project started and a third of the way into the piece, I choose to change it and pull the whole thing apart.

    [I'm wearing the shorty work right now; simply reinforces that I'm right in deciding to up the size once.]

    I still love my little knitty bowls though. And did I mention that I didn't even make it out the doors of the school yesterday without receiving a request for sale of my next set!? This could be a great opportunity for me! They didn't take long to make and I can go in so many directions as far as the decoration and the yarn cuts... The wheels are spinning!