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Wednesday, January 25

Real wealth is:

"Homesteading, and gardening in particular, is the best way I know to be rich without spending a dime. You might be swiping a credit card at a giant grocery store and eating expensive food till your fullest is overflowing, but that's just plastic and gluttony. If the power goes out and the store's cash registers won't run, you're not eating a grain of rice. In that same blackout, though, you can walk out to your backyard with a flashlight, eat a fresh organic salad for free, and watch the stars.
True wealth is not about money; it's about independence. Gardening gives you back that basic freedom."

--Jenna Woginrich Barnheart

"Food, a French man told me once, is the first wealth. Grow it right, and you feel insanely rich, no matter what you own."

--Kristin Kimball The Dirty Life


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