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Friday, July 1

Knitty update:

So I'm still working on a little something for a wonderful someone; here's the progression so far:

I'm stressing though, I don't feel like it's NEARLY large enough to become just what I had intended; do I need to double my yardage to get even close? I did some research and what I found was the opposite of encouraging! I chose this particular material for it's light weight and not-gaudy shimmer but have learned that as far as blocking (enlargement) goes, it won't grow much. I may be a self-proclaimed experienced knitter but I find more and more that I'm a LOT less experienced than I think I am. Still learning the nature and personality of the vast array of fiber options out there and unfortunately, I am through and through the girl who learns the hard way--I really hate that!

So I'm left with this debate; do I just suck it up and buy another pack of yarn to double my original amount and therefore (surprise, surprise) practically rewrite the original pattern to double it's size? Or do I just finish it with what I've got, still do the blocking as necessary and just hope for the best? Maybe it won't be what I had hoped for but it'll still make for a great alternative piece!

And besides, I can always just make another one using the other pattern I purchased specifically with her in mind but this time, I'll know better about what type of yarn to buy for a more realistic end result!

Bottom line, I'm still loving this design though; I'm finding that even though the piece is worked on size 4 needles (which normally would KILL my arthritis), it's working up quickly and pain-free. Encourages me to continue working wraps, shawls, and the like; they're nothing like the self-imposed torture of knitting socks! But I won't get into that, to each their own right?!


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